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Tired of Waiting? | Ep. 14

April 11, 2018

God is methodical, strategic and absolute. He is always working when our natural eyes cannot see. However, it can be hard to wait when we are excited and full of expectation for what's to come. Are you tired of waiting? Do you find the wait difficult to remain faithfully consistent in your current season? Me too! 

Today's episode we will dive into 1 Samuel 17 and gain wisdom from David, before he became king of Israel. There are three things David does that, I believe, propel him from being stuck in the wait. He was already anointed king of Israel, yet we find him in the pasture tending his father's sheep while King Saul's army is fighting against the Philistines. 

How does David rise to the challenge or the battlefield? 

How does David remain faithful during the wait? 

How did David become the right person when opportunity came knocking? 

Take a listen to this week's episode to find out. 


Scripture to Read

1 Samuel 17, Mark 11:24, Mark 6, Psalm 37:1-23


Wait and See by Wendy Pope

God is Working in Your Waiting by Jade Mazarin 

Worship in Your Waiting by Kristen Tabb

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